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Tuesday, May 05 2015

To recap the past few years, below are performance results for our MIPS3 model, that has been "tracked" by since 11/04/2005.  Our newer model, MIPS4, is even better (introduced in 1Q'13)

Remember, the MIPS models only trade when they determine that the current trend has changed !
- below are some examples (from
Red Dots = Trades

2013-4/30/15  - MIPS3 trading 1.5x SPY (50% SPY + 50% SSO) Long and 100% SH Short
Near perfect Trend; Very few trades in the last 2+ years !!!

2008-2010 Volatile Markets - Higher Frequency Trades (12-16 trades/year)

2008  - MIPS3 trading 1x SPY Long/Short

2009  - MIPS3 trading 1x SPY Long/Short

2010 - MIPS3 trading 1x SPY Long/Short

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