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*** MIPS3 is the #1 Ranked Model on Since Jan 1, 2007 !!! *** 


                  Avg. # of     % Winning      Avg. %       Avg. %
Model      Trades/Yr      Trades          on Wins     on Losses*     CAGR      Max DD*
MIPS33        16                63%             +4.52%       -1.62%       +26.13%     -23.2%    
MIPS44        14                65%             +4.00%       -1.47%       +31.20%     -24.1%    
Nitro55         14                69%             +4.55%       -1.33%       +35.52%    - 24.8%.  

* Our "Avg. % on Losses"  and "Max DDs" are small because we have
   built-in  algorithms that "Cut Losses Short".

MIPS - Market Inflection Point Signals 

MIPS offers quantitative stock market timing models that use applied mathematics, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, artificial intellegence and over 100 technical indicators to predict the market's direction and help you make money when the stock market trend is going up (by being long) AND to protect and grow your nest egg when the market trend is heading down (by being in cash or by being short, like hedge funds).

  1. To protedt your Nest Egg by using a Top Ranked market timing system,
       2. To avoid stock market crashes,
       3. To make money in both us and down markets,
       4. Because you losing money by trading on your own with no guidance, and
       5. Becasue MIPS trade signals are "Verified"  by since Nov 2005

And yes, using MIPS is as simple to use as 1-2-3 
After Subscribing to MIPS under the main menu "Subscribe" tab , you will:
      1. Receive "Signal Change" emails from MIPS (Long/Cash/Short)
      2. Trade on the next opportunity (usually the next day's market open)

      3. Hold these positions until you receive the next "Signal Change" email

Repeat steps 1-3 


Performance graphs from
a)  Performance history from our original model (MIPS3) goes back to Nov, 2005
b)  Perfromance history from our newer models (MIPS4 and MIPS/Nitro) starts on Dec 1, 2016

MIPS Models Performcance 
.<<<  Trading Rules  >>>
With MIPS Signals, you may successuly either:
1) trade all in SPY or QQQ,
2) trade %'s in both SPY and QQQ,
3) leverage
up to 1.5
x Long and 1.0x Short

Note: 1.5x leverage SPY would result from trading 50% each of SPY and SSO,
and 1.5x QQQ would be from trading 50% each of QQQ and QLD.


MIPS/Nitro Performance

(Trading SPY with 1.5x leverage) 

4 Years  (June'20 - May'24)
MIPS/Nitro +128%       SPY Index  +72%
< From >
 (*MIPS3 is the only MIPS model that goes back as far as 2007)
Trading SPY with 1.5x leverage
Trading QQQ with 1.0x leverage
01/02/2007 - 12/31/2023

Combo - 50% each of QQQ and SPY  ......   $10,000  =>  $135,000
     Blue Line - SPY  Index  ........   $10,000 =>  $34,000 


In the Market Crash of 2008 our MIPS3 timing model was "live" and it performed extremely well trading SPY 1.0x Long and SH 1.0x Short (no leverage).  MIPS3 was up 130% while the SPY was down 40%.  All MIPS3 trade signals and performance results below are "verified"  by  Also, the backtested performance of our models show that they would have done well in the previous "real" market crashes (1987 and 2000).
 Performance  12'07 - 05'09            MIPS3  +130%        SPY  -40%                                           . Red Dots show trade dates    
Market Timing Information



"Preservation of Capital" 

"I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money" - Mark Twain




Online Payments

Notice:  The information provided on this stock market timing system website is either solely the opinion of the company or provided by our quantitative models, and is only for informational and reference purposes. Nothing on this website should be considered to be a recommendation to buy or sell securities. We are not financial advisors and do not offer investment advice. Our members should contact their financial advisors or accountants for said advice. Visitors must read and agree with our "Terms of Use" agreement and "Disclaimer" document prior to subscribing to our stock market timing service. DO NOT subscribe if you do not understand and agree with these documents.  In addition to membership for individual investors we also offer a subscription plan for financial planners and certified financial advisors.

Most individual investors are taught to simply buy and hold, even in down markets. They are also told that (a) no one can time the market and (b) they should never consider short trades. And somehow, the SEC made it illegal for "retail" fund managers to execute short orders in their portfolios. But, everyone must have forgotten to tell the hedge fund managers this, as they have been making billions of dollars for the last 35 years.

MIPS Timing Systems, LLC, was formed to provide stock market timing signals for individual investors to help them make money in both bull markets and bear markets like the high-profile professional money managers do (that is, like hedge fund managers that can trade long and short as they see fit).

The MIPS Timing Systems models analyze the stock market and provide information to our members when the models issue buy, short, and/or cash "signals". The MIPS trading system uses the S&P 500 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), the SPY Index Fund, to represent the market and uses SPY in one of its index trading strategies. MIPS is not for high frequency online trading or for day traders.

Most of the information regarding the stock market direction provided herein is derived from quantitative models and algorithms owned and developed by MIPS Timing Systems, LLC. These are made up of numerous technical indicators, some of which are published and some of which were developed in-house. These technical indicators are looking for new stock market trends and the exact time that the market changes its trend line from up-to-down or vice versa (i.e., an "inflection point" in the stock market trend line). This provides our members with new tools for timing the stock market and to better manage their stock market investments.

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