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 <<< PAST SIGNALS  for MIPS3/MF >>>

The performance results for our "Core" model (MIPS3/MF), for medium frequency trading, were calculated using MIPS stock market timing systems signals that are verified by for all dates after 11/04/2005.  Results with the MIPS3/MF market timing model prior to that time were calculated using backtested signals.  Only MIPS Members will be able to see the most "current" stock signals; all others are restricted to "past" stock signals (delayed by 60 days or more). 

The numbers in the charts below for SPY Buy/Hold  and  our medium frequency investing MIPS3/MF w/SPY are in $1,000's (so, 100 is $100,000).  But, they can also be used as percentages, so that starting with a portfolio value at 100%, the number 50 would represent a portfolio value of 50% of the original, the number 180 would represent a portfolio whose value is up 80% from the original, etc.  With this, a MIPS member can calculate the value over time for any starting portfolio value to check to see how well we time the stock market.

In the tables below, the "Signal Dates" are the dates that the MIPS Signals are sent to MIPS Members.
Signals Changes are sent after the close on the Signal Date, and all trades are made on the open
of the next day, which are called the "Trade Dates".

The percentages in the table below are the % change between the close on each Signal Date.
Since the trades are made on the next day's open,
the percentages below represent only an approximation of the actual gain/loss on every trade.


Signal postings may be delayed 90 days or more.
MIPS Members can Get Current Trades by Clicking on Current Signals below.




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